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The purchase of emblematic Valderrama golf course by the development company Zagaleta is the fusing of two prestigious Spanish giants.

A new megaproject, taking in 200 hectares of rolling virgin hillside, in the Castellar municipality, is the perfect sign that the Spanish property market is finally booming again.

Zagaleta, just outside Marbella, is Spain’s most luxurious residential development counting Hugh Grant and the mayor of Moscow among its residents, while Valderrama’s golf course has known international prestige since it hosted the 1997 Ryder Cup as well as the now defunct Volvo Masters.

Developers Zagaleta Limited, based in London, are the new landlords of the Valderrama group including the golf club in San Roque, as well as an expanse of land in the neighbouring Castellar municipality

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According to an article posted in Property Wire,  the prospect of the Spanish house market  in 2016 will continue to recover but the latest data shows it is still a rollercoaster and growth very much depends on location.

According to the latest figures from appraisal company Tinsa prices are still increasing with its latest index up by 1.9% in November year on year.

The Tinsa index shows, however, that the recovery is broad based as house prices rose in all the areas covered. Prices in Barcelona and Madrid were up by 3%, coastal areas (including Costa Del Sol) popular with overseas buyers saw price growth of 1.4% and the Balearic and Canary Islands 0.2%.

But the recovery still has some way to go as since the peak of the market house prices are still down 41.3% in general, and 48.2% on the coast.

House prices, excluding new builds, actually fell by 1% in November according to the Idealists price index and are down 2.1% year on year.

However the index shows that five region saw monthly price rises, albeit marginal. The Balearic Island saw price growth of 0.9% followed by the Canary Islands up 0.5%, Andalucía up 0.3%, Navarra and Castilla-La Mancha both up 0.1%.

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Modern Interior design will have it that you should keep things simple and not mixture up lines and color schemes with anything that doesn’t match. This still has some structure to it but you still should add to the design your flavor and personality. After all, you’re the one who’s going to be living in the house so it should be something that matches with you.

Interior design modern methods and modern designs are well and good, but not if you don’t feel welcome in your house. Just as you would look around for something that you would like to live in when you’re buying a house, so you should look at keeping that feeling of beeing a home reflecting you and your family.

The modern interior design makes use of many materials. Wood and plastic are common used, often paint over wood with an opaque finish to cover the natural grain pattern. Some designers do use natural wood as an organic contrast to more artificial shapes and materials. Glassy metals, such as stainless steel, are among the signature materials in modern interior spaces. The metal may use for anything from the legs of a chair to the body of a lamp. Modern interior designers also make use of glass and plastic for their smooth, even surfaces.

We believe that even modern interior design should capture your true living philosophy and be tailor-made matching you.

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