Buying Services

We will find you a perfect property and secure your investmement

Cartmani's property buying services are specifically designed for home buyers and property investors.

We will make sure that investment is meeting clients demands and we will secure the investment through the whole buying process.

Defining exactly what you are looking for.

Best value for your money.

Services addressed to protect your property investment

Facilities services at your doorstep

Buying Services

The property search

We work to define our clients needs and to find the most accurate properties to invest in. We are aware how difficult it can be to start a search for a property and then having found it, to go through the purchase process.

There are a lot of important issues to be considered for securing the whole buying process, such as market knowledge, technical standards, different laws and regulations, finance and payment transactions.

We have connections with the best real estate agencies on the Costa del Sol and we work together to make the purchase of a property simple, efficient and safe. We help clients to make the right choice always, in accordance to their preferences; whether that is a dream villa with stunning views in La Zagaleta, a holiday apartment close to Puerto Banus or an wonderful apartment in secure and well sought after urbanizations for families with small children or senior citizens wishing to retire in the sun.

The Property Search

Defining exactly what you are looking for

Each client is unique and the first step is to learn about his ideas, preferences and requirements. We work closely to create a focused brief from which we search the market for the best property. We take into consideration individual lifestyles and living requirements and we advise on the most suitable areas, architectural styles and internal configurations (security, parking, services, schools, entertainment, leisure facilities, shopping).

A tour of chosen areas can be arranged before the property search commences. The purpose is to show different possibilities and factors such as locations, styles, values, amenities, negative and positive aspects of each property.

The Property Search

We advise you on market conditions and how to maximize your budget possibilities within your chosen areas. We proactively source properties which are being on or off the market, marketed by the estate agents, developers or private owners.

We are independent, so there are no restrictions on who we can work with, giving you access to the largest possible portfolio of properties.

We will be your single contact and we will oversee the entire process, interacting with estate agents, lawyers, bankers, surveyors and other professional advisors on your behalf.

Closing The Deal

Best value for your money

Cartmani oversees all research and negotiations on your behalf. We negotiate extensively to get you the best value within your budget. In order to give clients confidence in the price they ultimately pay, it is essential to establish a measured estimation of the right value before starting negotiations.

Once a property has been selected, we assess the comparable evidence, discuss tactics and handle the negotiation.

Our market knowledge, wide connections and our negotiations experience helps in securing our clients the highest and best value in their property investment.

Securing Your Investment

Services addressed to protect your property investment

Together with specialists, technicians, tax advisors and legal experts, we will make sure that your investment will be protected not only throughout the acquisition process but also thereafter.

We will recommend you trusted professionals who will carry out due diligence on the chosen properties, provide you with financial advice and give you necessary legal and fiscal assistance during and after purchase process, making sure that you fulfill all your legal and tax obligations in the most effective way.


Once you have agreed to the conditions and terms it is important to pay a holding deposit in order to take the property off the market. This deposit varies between 5.000 and 10.000 euros depending on the price of the property.

All the contracts will be drawn up by a lawyer specialized in property law.

Completion at the Public Notary

Possession is given to the buyer of the property when the Spanish “escritura de compra venta” is signed, this is your Spanish title deeds. As a buyer you pay the vendor the outstanding amount and keys to your new home are handed over to you.


When the Spanish title deeds are signed, the original, issued by the notary, will be taken by your lawyer to the local land registry and the property will be registered into your name.

This process may take a few months, you are however the full owner from the moment the title deeds are signed. Your lawyer will also change contracts for electricity, water, telephone and yearly taxes into your name.



It is important to have clear from the outset the real costs you will face when you buy property in Spain.

The total costs involved in purchasing residential property should be around 10-11% for second hand properties or around 13% for new properties.


VAT & Stamp Duty (IVA & Actos Jurídicos Documentados – AJD)

These taxes apply for residential properties being sold for the first time (never previously occupied), or for commercial properties and plots of land. This is a national tax, so VAT is the same wherever the property is located.

At present VAT (known as IVA in Spain) is of 10% on the purchase price of residential properties (villa, apartment, etc), and 21% for commercial properties and plots of land.

The Stamp duty (known as AJD) is 1.5% of the price. Both VAT and Stamp Duty are paid by the buyer, and if any deposit is paid before completion of the sale, such deposit will be subject to VAT at the moment of payment of this deposit.



Transfer Tax (Impuesto sobre Transmisiones Patrimoniales – ITP)

This tax applies if the property is deemed to be a second or posterior transfer. Sale price up to €400,000 would be liable in Andalucía at 8%, further €300,000 at 9%, everything above €700,000 would be taxable at 10%.


We advised buyers to hire a lawyer to assist them during the buying process. The lawyer revises and prepares the contracts on your behalf and can explain all the legal and administrative issues implicated in the purchase of the real estate in Spain. Your lawyer should also carry out any necessary due diligence (checking ownership of the seller, charges on the property, permits, etc.) and arrange all the required documents to complete the process (property registration, tax payments, etc.).

A lawyer – “Abogado” in Spanish – will charge you according to the service you require. This will vary according to the complexity of the purchase. It would be around 1-1.5% of the purchase price in legal fees, always depending on the required work.


Notary expenses are nearly always paid by the buyer and are calculated taking into consideration the purchase price. They usually range between 500 Euros and 3.000 Euros.


Apart from the tax over eventual profit from the sale which at this moment is of 20% over the profit, the vendor is also liable for:


This tax is based on the index value of the land, which is set by the Town Hall, and is applied on the increase of this value between the prior purchase (i.e. the seller´s purchase) and the current sale, making the length of ownership one of the key variable factors for calculating this tax. For apartments and townhouses this is not usually a large amount but it can be quite significant for villas built on large plots that have not changed hands for a number of years. The amount due can be requested from the Town Hall and your legal representative should be able to advise you accordingly before the sale goes through.


Agency fee are usually paid by the vendor.


The vendor pays his own legal fees.


The vendor is responsible for the payment of any taxes or costs related to the cancellation of a mortgage or any other charge or debts on the property.


These stated costs has to be considered as a general guideline and we recommend you consulting your lawyer with regard to all the possible costs and taxes involved in the transaction.

After Sale Services

Facilities services at your doorstep

After completing the purchase of your property the team Cartmani and Partners will assist you with complete after sales services in order to make moving into your new home a pleasurable and worry free experience.

We will be pleased to present you the best selection of affiliated companies in all fields, to ensure that you receive the best and most reliable property service available on the Costa del Sol.

We partners providing the following services:

  • Letting out your property
  • Moving
  • Internet and TV installations
  • Legal advice
  • Insurance and financial services
  • Electrical installation, constructors
  • Sanitary installation
  • Interior design
  • Furniture
  • Security and many more