Interior Project Management

Tailored made interior design

At Cartmani, we provide residential interior design and project management. Our aim is to create individually tailored made design for each client. Based on client’s personal preferences we deliver beautiful interior projects that stand out in time.

We have a highly skilled team of interior designers, architectural designers, furniture and product designers.

We collaborate with selected craftspeople and manufactures, ensuring the highest quality of the project.

With a helicopter view and passion for design

Defining Client`s living philosophy.

We know how to deliver unique spaces.

Project management with an eye on details and quality

The Process

With a helicopter view and passion for design

The interior design process is divided into Client Brief, Design Phase and Construction Phase. At Cartmani we oversee every stage of the project paying attention to every detail in the project.

Our passion for design and dedication to our clients and to details makes possible to deliver unique interior project based on agreed quality and requirements.

Client Brief

Defining Client`s living philosophy.

The first phase in an interior project is defining client’s personal preferences, taste end requirements in living environments. Designing living spaces is much more than selecting furniture, colours, textiles, tiles etc.

Basing on client´s dreams and desires adapted to the agreed budget, Cartmani will deliver a project that will reflect client`s living philosophy.

Design Phase

We know how to deliver unique spaces

Many options are considered during the Design Phase. This is the phase when ideas and inspiration flow.

Together with the client we design the unique internal layout for the project. Drawings and collages will be agreed, securing that the client fully understanding the finalizing design of the project.

Construction Phase

Project management with an eye on details and quality

The construction phase is overseen by Cartmani. In this phase we ensure that the internal fit-out, is managed and executed with the highest level of attention to detail and integration.

Our primary objective in project management is to oversee the project team, the quality of craftsmanship, deliveries, contracts and agreed budgets.